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Maps and 3D models

  • Specialized maps based on the industry;
  • 3D models;
  • Evaluation of volumes and linear distances;
  • Specific surveys based on the needs.

Terrain photo capturing

  • Fast and precise visualization;
  • Improving productivity;
  • Saving resources;
  • Ortho maps (current compiled picture of a terrain with high resolution).

Surveillance, Fire supervision

  • Fast and easy deployment up to 80 meters – 24 hours in the air
  • Surveillance from distance without any risk
  • Zoom and thermal surveillance
  • Fire supervision fast and local forecast of the fire progression

Agriculture Spraying

  • Suitable for cereals, vegetable and other
  • Precision spraying – the drone is at 1 meter above the plant
  • Do not crumple the plant
  • When wet no problem to enter the terrain
  • Easy maintenance
  • Easy transportation