Improving yield

  • Helping analysis of the soil and the crops
  • Information for the sown areas – counting of the developed plants
  • Optimizing irrigation


  • Terrain inspection & photo capturing
  • Improving the yield and optimizing utilization of plant protection and growing products


Fast reaction & events follow up in real time = better yields.


Spraying with drone

  • Does not squeeze the plants
  • Can spray when the soil is wet
  • Spraying without overlap
  • Less water
  • Coverage – in 10 min between 5 and 7 dka, till 250 dka per day
  • When the terrain is difficult less risk to break the machine
  • Increase the yield – spraying difficult places, can spray even when the plant is well developed and needs more fertilizer
  • Saving costs – less oil, less water

  • Fast and easy deployment up to 80 meters – 24 hours in the air
  • Surveillance from distance without any risk
  • Zoom and thermal surveillance
  • Fire supervision fast and local forecast of the fire progression



Photovoltaic parks

  • Improving efficiency – inspection with thermal camera
  • Fast inspection to provide decision for problem elimination

Wind turbine parks

  • Improving efficiency
  • Short period of inspection – up to 2 hours per installation instead of half a day
  • Fast and precise gathering of information to provide right repair data input
  • Decreased risk of incidents, warranty about human factor’s safety

Power lines

  • Inspection with a thermal camera for bad connections without switch off  of the equipment
  • Fast evaluation of the equipment status
  • Effective decision – accuracy and fastness
  • The heavy equipment on the right place

Inspection of telecom equipment

  • Increased inspection security
  • Precise free tower space prospect  – Precise size of components and free space
  • Inspection for damages and parts with a resolution up to 2cm – excellent for inventory purposes
  • Less than one working day for providing common information
  • Providing CAD file for design
  • Saving expenses for inspection
  • Substitute people and equipment – predictable expense, only in case of need, no upkeep for constant staff and equipment
  • Network planning and optimization

Construction photo capturing

  • Photo capturing of the damaged areas in a very precise way, avoidance of the subjective factors
  • Capturing of more than one plot or plots of many owners at once
  • Saving expenses and acceleration of the inspection

Terrain photo capturing

  • Fast and effective photo capturing
  • Map of the terrain in a suitable format for the designers
  • 3D model of the terrain and the field
  • One visit less on terrain
  • Following construction plans easily


Fast visualization of the terrain to provide opportunities’ evaluation.

More effective work.

Activities before insurance

  • Terrain inspection before insurance
  • Precise calculation of the area to be insured
  • Precise data about the sown areas – number of sown plants (for certain agricultures), area metering
  • Saving expenses on the process and acceleration of the data gathering


 Activities after damage

  • Capture the affected areas, avoid the subjective factors
  • Getting more than one plot or plots to many owners at once
  • Saving costs and speeding up the audit