Smart farming 4.0

Improving yield

  • Helping analysis of the soil and the crops
  • Information for the sown areas – counting of the developed plants
  • Optimizing irrigation


  • Terrain inspection & photo capturing
  • Improving the yield and optimizing utilization of plant protection and growing products

Fast reaction & events follow up in real time = better yields.


Spraying with drone

  • Do not squeeze the plants
  • Can spray when the soil is wet
  • Spraying without overlap
  • Less water
  • Coverage – in 10 min between 5 and 7 dka, till 250 dka per day
  • When the terrain is difficult less risk to break the machine
  • Increase the yield – spraying difficult places, can spray even when the plant is well developed and needs more fertilizer
  • Saving costs – less oil, less water

VIDEO – 3 clips